Days like This

Linda - Days Like This
Genre blues soul R&B
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Play 1 Days Like This Linda 1:00
Play 2 Pain Linda 1:00
Play 3 I Smell Trouble Linda 1:00
Play 4 If I Can’t Have You Linda 1:00


1. Days Like This (3:20)

2. Pain (3:52)

3. I Idolize You (3:50)

4. So Doggone Good (3:50)

5. My Turn My Time (3:39)

6. The Way You Love Me (3:24)

7. Don’t Get Me Wrong (4:11)

8. Jealous Kind (4:58)

9. After Laughter (3:35)

10. Move Over (3:30)

11. I Smell Trouble (3:41)

12. If I Can’t Have You (3:09)

“The 12 selections of “Days Like This” span the gamut of Valori’s blues/soul/r&b influences as she delves into fresh and crunching new takes of Chicago-style blues, old-school R&B, as well as inventive and effective versions of contemporary R&B-based material.

There are songs by Janis Joplin (“Move Over”) and Van Morrison (the splendid opening tune “Days Like This”) as well as by Ike Turner (“The Way You Love Me”). There are numbers with a surging soul feel powered by a horn section that includes Marqueal Jordan (tenor sax) and Doug Corcoran (baritone sax, trumpet). Vincent Bucher’s biting harmonica soars through the more straight-ahead blues pieces, while background singers Mike Avery and Stevie Robinson add ample beauty and bite in their harmonies.

The arrangements are crisp and uncluttered, the solos disciplined but memorable, from Luca Giordano’s
expert guitar licks on “So Doggone Good,” to Mike Wheeler’s equally tasty and stinging support on “I Idolize You” and “I Smell Trouble,” one of several standout.

Order Linda Valori - Days Like This Compact Disc @ €11.99


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    Ho sempre creduto in questa artista!! Al mondo non esiste un’altra cantante con una voce come la sua. Quando canta esprime tutta LA SUA ANIMAAAAAAA!!!!

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