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About us

A musical and theatrical production company, Leart’ is composed by professionals claiming a long experience in specific fields: music, drama, comedy and cabaret, graphic arts, scenography, marketing and communications. Leart’ also makes use of established partnerships with agencies and industry for the organization and implementation of events.

In the theatrical sector we produce and distribute jobs of great value and we operate both in the Marche and Umbria region also regarding the scheduling, given our artistic direction, up to now, of three theatres, as well as further artistic collaboration all over the national territory.

We are also available, on different levels, for everything that imply the intersection among culture, art and entertainment, operating for the realization of exhibitions, contests, festivals and big shows.

In music, the careful and meticulous work done on the artists of our team led us to reach the first major result: in 2004 the singer LINDA VALORI formed within our team, has won third place in overall ranking of 54 edition of the Sanremo Festival.
Subsequently, many artists have joined Leart’s music cast, producing high quality products and events on radio and successful television programs.

The journey so far has been characterized by a search of maturity and professionalism in our work experience, looking for and active collaboration with various entities and artistic personalities of certain experience, and aimed at creating and training a team of young employees motivated and willing to accompany us in the “journey” that we wanted to take professional.

Our profession covers all the national territory and keeps us in contact with many different realities, both public and private, allowing our to implement the know-how and the experiences we gained in the artistic sector.

Our whole mission also regards the radio and tv promotion activity, and we are also provided with an internal press office oparating on the national territory just to guarantee an absolute eho to the realized events.