Linda Valori

Linda Valori

Linda Valori, previously known as Linda, is an Italian singer born in San Benedetto del Tronto on 3rd September 1978. Launched by Simona Ventura and Tony Renis, in 2004 Linda was placed third at Sanremo Festival with her song ‘Aria sole terra e mare’. In 2005 she participated in the ‘Music Farm’ reality show and then released her first album ‘‘La Forma delle nuvole’’ which included her single ‘Domani stai con me’ . In the same year Linda won “Cerbul de Aur” international singing contest in Brasov, Romania. In 2007 she participated in Massimo Ranieri’s theatre and tv show “Tutte donne tranne me” and recorded with him his famous song “Se bruciasse la città.”. In Summer 2008 she released her single ‘‘Pasolini scrive’’ written by Maurizio Fabrizio. In 2010 her second album ‘‘Tutti quelli’’ was released. In 2013, after years of collaboration with an important American production company from Chicago, her new album ‘’ Days like this’’ will be released.


Linda Valori can sing anything with flair and grace. She’s gifted with great range, a gorgeous sound and precise, yet fluid delivery. She also has another special quality that can’t be learned: A truly soulful sensibility. Though she’s sung pop, opera and jazz, Valori’s true loves are the blues and pure R&B—not the heavily produced style that now dominates urban radio, but the classic treasure trove of the past 70 years that’s influenced the core of all popular music. These musical preferences might seem strange for a native Italian, but Valori doesn’t see anything unusual about it. “It wasn’t me who chose to sing the blues,” Valori maintains. “The blues chose me! It has always been so natural. I tried a lot of other genres, but blues and R&B have always been my first love; they have always been a part of me.”


In 1995 she won 2nd prize from the judges of the National Contest “Una nuova voce italiana” in Milan. Five years later, in 2000 Linda participated in the “Voci Nuove” National Contest and was awarded the prize as best singer. In the same year she was also picked as best singer at Popstars Show on air on Italia1, but she did not take part in the five girls band Lollipop.

In 2002 she won the ‘‘Mia Martini Giovani per l’Europa’’ prize. In March 2004 Linda was placed third in the general ranking of the 54th Sanremo Festival with her song ‘’Aria sole terra e mare’’, as in that year there was no distinction between debutantes and famous artists. In that same year she also won the third Mediterranean Festival in Fethiye (Turkey).

After her Sanremo success Linda participated in many important events. On 1st April 2004 she performed for Pope John Paul II before 20.000 people who had gathered in Piazza San Pietro in Rome for the World Youth Day. A few days later she performed at the ‘’50th Canzonissima’’ concert for RAI in Piazza San Giovanni, Rome. The following Summer was particularly rich in events, she gave many concerts all over Italy. She was a co-star at “Una voce per la pace” in San Giovanni Rotondo and for ‘’Sanremo Estate’’. She was awarded the ‘’Young Artist for Peace’’ prize at the the ‘‘Young Artists for Peace Festival’’ in Assisi. On 4th September she was invited again to sing for John Paul II in Loreto, Marche, for the ‘‘Azione Cattolica’’ meeting. After numerous concerts around Italy, from 24th to 30th September she toured the USA, where she gave very prestigious concerts. In December of that year she toured the USA again with ‘‘Sanremo nel mondo’’.

Her sunny attitude and strong voice stood out on 31st December 2004 at the ‘‘L’Anno che verrà’’ show organized by Raiuno in Rimini for New Years’ Eve. In February 2005, after a number of RAI TV programs she was picked together with ten other singers for ‘’Music Farm’’, a reality show that RAI 2 dedicated to music. She entered the loft in Via Mecenate in Milano on 11th March 2005 and left it 35 days later. On 28th May of that very year, on the occasion of the Eucharistic Congress, Linda sang for Pope Benedict XVI. On 10th June 2005, in collaboration with international artists she released her first album “La forma delle nuvole”, produced by LeArt’ and MRStudio. She toured around throughout the following Summer and was an opera co-star at the ‘’Messa Umilis’’ in Castel Gandolfo.

In September she featured in Cologne World Youth Day. The following month she toured abroad and won first prize at the international “Cerbul de Aur” contest in Brasov, a well known Romanian festival. She sang Walt Disney’s “Chicken Little” soundtrack, this cartoon was released on 2nd December. She stood in for Patti LaBelle in the Italian version of the song ‘Stir it up’. In conjunction with the release of the film, from the album “La forma delle nuvole” Linda released her new single “L’anima che ho”.

In 2006 Linda was placed second at the Eurovision Song Contest in Romania. She toured throughout Italy featuring ‘’La forma delle nuvole tour 2006” performing 40 times in three months.

The following year Linda started a collaboration with singer /actor Massimo Ranieri recording his song ‘‘Se bruciasse la città’’ . She then participated in ‘’Tutte donne tranne me’’ Tv show as a regular guest.

Massimo Ranieri and Linda continued working together for the theatre version of the TV show which took them from Naples to other important cities such as Venice, Rome and many others .

In Summer 2008 she released a new single ‘’Pasolini scrive’’ written by Maurizio Fabrizio.On New Year’s Eve 2009 she participated in the Rai show ‘‘L’anno che verrà’’ in Rimini hosted by Carlo Conti.

In autumn 2010 Linda presented her single ‘’Quelli che’’, a track that anticipated the Nar International Record Label release of her second album ‘’Tutti quelli’’ in December of the same year. In 2011 United Colors Of Benetton invited Linda to interpret a song by Nina Simone (Ain’t got no I’ve got life) which became their autumn/winter clothing commercial soundtrack in that same year. Later Linda dueted with Gatto Panceri at the XXV National Eucharistic Congress in Ancona. From the end of December 2011 to the beginning of January 2012 she sang in thirteen episodes of the Rai TV show ‘’Domenica In’’ hosted by Lorena Bianchetti. In January 2013 her new album ‘’Days like this’’ will be released. This album was produced by Leart World Music company in collaboration with Larry Skoller who earned two Grammy Award nominations, and internationally renowned musicians such as Keith Henderson (guitar), Tim Gant (keyboard), Bill Dickens (bass) and Khari Parker (drums) who played for Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Beyoncé and Raphael Saadiq.Engineer Blaise Barton, winner of “Best traditional blues album” Engineers/mixers Grammy Award 2010, did the recording, mixing and mastering. Linda Valori is known and honored in Europe; she is now ready to win the respect of an American audience.

Frank Roszak Promotions, from Los Angeles (USA), say:

The 12 selections of “Days Like This” span the gamut of Valori’s blues/soul/r&b influences as she delves into fresh and crunching new takes of Chicago-style blues, old-school R&B, as well as inventive and effective versions of contemporary R&B-based material. There are songs by Janis Joplin (“Move Over”) and Van Morrison (the splendid opening tune “Days Like This”) as well as by Ike Turner (“The Way You Love Me”). There are numbers with a surging soul feel powered by a horn section that includes if Marqueal Jordan (tenor sax) and Doug Corcoran (baritone sax, trumpet). Vincent Bucher’s biting harmonica soars through the more straight-ahead blues pieces, while background singers Mike Avery and Stevie Robinson add ample beauty and bite in their harmonies. Skoller links these musical ingredients into a unified, seamless framework, leaving plenty of time for lyric elaboration and focus. The arrangements are crisp and uncluttered, the solos disciplined but memorable, from Luca Giordano’s expert guitar licks on “So Doggone Good,” equally tasty and stinging support on “I Idolize You” and “I Smell Trouble,” one of several standout numbers. Still, none of that would matter if Valori couldn’t provide the necessary vocal power, and she truly brings it home. Her vocals altemate from fiery and animated to ironic, rousing or introspective; she even occasionally slides into an ambling, reggae-inflected mode. She has no doubt heard Bobby “Blue” Bland’s triumphant version of “I Smell Trouble,” and she accelerates her vocal fury on this one. While Wheeler’s riffs crackle in the background Valori’s lead is masterful and expressive, making the tune’s message of impending disaster resonate throughout the performance. Joplin’ fans will no doubt give Valori high marks for her version of “Move Over”, and whether being sensual (“Your Love Is So Doggone Good”), trying to overcome heartache (“Pain”) or dispensing romantic wisdom (“After Laughter,” “Don’t Get Me Wrong”), Valori’s voice has the necessary conviction and passion to punctuate and reaffirm any emotion. She’s also earnest and explosive in her duet with Mike Avery on the finale, “If I Can’t Have You”, which navigates that fine line between epic tragedy and utter pathos at the foundation of many classic blues tunes. This version doesn’t wallow in pity; it documents a deep desire for love and happiness, the blues equivalent of gospel’s search for salvation. Linda Valori is well known and respected in Europe. She has even performed four times for two different Popes (Pope John Paul and Pope Benedict XVI). Now Valori is excited about conquering the American listenership. “I am just so happy to be releasing this album right now,” Valori says. “I’ve worked so hard on it and so has my team. I strongly believe in this new record and I’m hoping that people in the United States will enjoy what I do. I’m anxious hit the road and sing to American audiences in support of this recording, and really connect with the United States as an artist, as I’ve been wanting to come to America to share my music for a long time.” Anyone who loves music and the blues will immediately hear that Linda Valori sings with high energy and real passion. She s not imitating anyone the blues and R&B are as much the songs of her life as that of any American blues artist. Linda Valori is the real deal.


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